Conference Presenters

Heather Bailey, Ph.D.

has a Ph.D. in Public History from Middle Tennessee State University and over a decade of professional experience as a preservation planner. She has also served as a technical adviser for the East Tennessee Preservation Alliance, board member for the Tennessee Preservation Trust, and a board member for Colorado Preservation, Inc. In April 2015, the University of Minnesota Press published her chapter “Does This Place Really Matter? The Preservation Debate over Historical Significance in Colorado’s Post World-War II Suburbs,” in Making Suburbia: New Histories of Every-day America. She continues her research and advocacy for historic places as a preservation planner for the City of Madison, Wisconsin.

Jeff Hintz

Jeff Hintz, CNU-A works as the Planning Manager for the City of Racine, Wiscon-sin since 2021 and served as Associate Planner in Racine beginning in 2018. Prior to working in Racine, Jeff worked as a Planner II with the City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa for four years. In Cedar Rapids, Jeff served as the primary liaison to the City’s Historic Preservation Commission. Prior to his experiences in Ce-dar Rapids, Jeff worked as a City Planner and Interim Senior Planner for the City of San Angelo, Texas for two and a half years and has experience with comprehensive planning, land use, zoning and subdivision code administration, development, historic preservation, GIS, and code writing and administration. Jeff has a Bachelor of Science in Geography from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point with a minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and a Master of Urban Planning from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is an accredited member of the Congress of New Urbanism.

Daina Penkiunas, Ph.D.

is the State Historic Preservation Officer at the Wisconsin Historical Society. Prior to assuming her position as Wisconsin’s National Register coordinator in 2000, Daina worked as a private preservation consultant, a college lecturer, and in the Hawaii State Historic Preservation Office. Daina holds a bachelor’s degree in architectural history and preservation from the University of Maryland and a Master’s and Ph.D. in architectural history from the University of Virginia.

Don Schnitzler

is a member of the North Wood County Historical Society Board of Directors, and an active participant in all things related to Marshfield’s local and family history. In 1998, he received a Local History Award of Merit from the Wisconsin State Historical Society and in 2010 the Historic Preservation Medal of Honor from the Wisconsin and National Societies of Daughters of American Revolution in part for coordination and editing of two books, “The Marshfield Story, Piecing Together Our Past” in 1997, and “The Marsh-field Story, Windows to Our Past” in 2000. In 2020 he received the Frank Fixmer Meritorious Service Award from the Forest History Association of Wisconsin.

Jason Tish

is the Certified Local Government (CLG) & Preservation Education Coordinator for the State Historic Preservation Office and the SHPO Advisor to WAHPC. He began his career in cultural resources as a field ar-chaeologist for the National Forest Service in South Dakota, and then evaluating his-toric Army Reserve properties in the Great Lakes region for the Department of Defense. He earned a Mas-ter’s degree in 2008 in Planning and Landscape Architecture from UW-Madison and studied architecture history, landscape design history, and federal historic preservation policies. He has worked in the public and private sectors as a specialist in histor-ic preservation policies and practices. Jason has also been an advocate for historic places as the Executive Director of the Madison Trust for Historic Preservation, and as a self-employed consultant.

Elizabeth Hilton

is involved in the evaluation and editing of every National Register nomination that comes through the Wisconsin SHPO office. She is available for questions about the National Register program and the eligibility of historic properties. You’ll likely interact with Elizabeth if you have a historic district in your community or a new National Register nomination for a district or individual property. Elizabeth studied Historic Preservation and Community Planning at the College of Charleston in South Carolina and received a Master’s degree in Historic Preservation from the Art Institute of Chicago. For the past 15 years, she has been an architectural historian for an environmental consulting firm based in Los Angeles where she worked on National Register nominations, Multiple Property Submissions, & local Landmark nominations.

Chris & Erin Howard

After Chris Howard graduated college, he moved back to Wisconsin and rented the lower half of a country duplex near Powers Bluff in Wood County. When the duplex was put up for sale in 2002, he bought it and created a com-pany called Lazy Meadow Homes LLC. A few years later, Chris bought a second property located at 111-121 S. Central Ave., met & married Erin and so began the Howard Family’s love affair with Downtown Marshfield and a hobby grew into a full-time business. While the company owns a number of prop-erties outside of Marshfield, the Howards’ passion for history in general, and Downtown Marshfield more specifically, led them to specialize in developing projects in this area. With the majori-ty of their properties Downtown, the company started “doing business as” Howard Properties in 2018. Howard Properties owns and leases 77 spaces in Downtown Marshfield—24 to commercial businesses & 53 to residential tenants.

Amy Rosebrough, Ph.D.

is currently employed with the State Historic Preservation Office with the Wisconsin Historical Society, where she manages archaeological and burial sites data and assists Wisconsin’s citizens with archaeological questions. She received her BA in Antiquities at Missouri State University, a Masters in Archaeology at the University of Wisconsin-Fayetteville, and her PhD at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her areas of expertise include effigy mounds and mortuary rituals, burial preservation statutes, the archaeological culture history in Wisconsin, and ceramic stylistic analysis.

Vickie Schnitzler

living in central Wisconsin for a majority of her life and a high school teacher for 30 years, Vickie has been a genealogist and local historian for over 35 years. She has served numerous offices for the Marshfield Area Genealogy Group in Marshfield (Wood County), of which she has been a member since 1984 when the group started and served as president for the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society for 7 years. Vickie and her husband, Don, were instrumental in writing and collecting information for two history books for the city of Marshfield, “The Marshfield Story, Piecing Together Our Past” and “The Marshfield Story, Windows to Our Past.” Vickie and Don received numerous awards for their work and research on the Marshfield History Project, “The Wisconsin Main Street Award” (1997) and “Volunteer of the Year Award” from the City of Marshfield (1997). She also is responsible for the QR Codes of Historic Marshfield project which can be found at and this past year, was very active, with the City of Marshfield’s Sesquicentennial Anniversary committee. Vickie serves on the City of Marshfield’s Historic Preservation Committee, 2012-2021, and the City of Marshfield Historic Preservation Commission, 2021-current., and as their Chairperson for the past five years, where she continues working on the city’s Historic District brochure series and other historical projects and webinars. Vickie has been on the WAHPC Board of Directors since 2019, serves as WAHPC Board Secretary, and is on the WAHPC Newsletter team.